Your marks on my breasts are beginning to fade away,

Stranded hair.
Lost Eyes.
Summer and Rains.
Friday Nights.

All in Vain.


A Naked Wall and a Distracted Skull. 

​Cold thighs and

Real sighs

In love 

And in unison

It is us who rule the souls

Crossing over ourselves. 
Stealing a minute from the rest of the world

Making sure of feelings as mighty as love

That scar that cuts through your eyebrow

Is a scar I would love tò heal.
A crowd we would love to enter

A Naked Wall and a Distracted Skull. 


There are bodies being twisted and tossed around into empty boxes.
And then there are faces hitting me, my face.
Somehow we are the mystery everyone wants to solve,
And somehow we are everyone, everything.
We wish to grow but –
So are thoughts –
They grow too.

There’s no holding back, your past.
It’s nowhere next to the time of my life

Been thinking to myself
Been thinking much too
A chaotic mind.
A void.

You grit your teeth
there’s a bold girl
And somehow,

It’s a feeling I am drowning in.
It’s that but it’s Numb.

Tattooed Right through her Soul.

Real Slow
And deeply
As u breath in-
Will the words get into u too.
And every time the Spade and Ace speak
On your breasts
Will tender Love arise.

As swift as the needle
that pierced your skin-
Into your soul

As swift as the feeling –
that thrust your heels
And ankles so mine

-Rains and Thunder- Loaded Guns,
I wish they weren’t for the clouds to

Sine qua non

There’s only so much that I can say,

Words that will carry away

all of that Regrets,

all of that Fear.

You may need to knock

down yourself once,

and let go off anything

clinging on to you.

Everything that gives you those Chills,

Everything that makes you Forget.

‘Cuz I want you to remember

It will hurt, cut fresh scars

and blood will stain your skin again

but I want you to remember

‘Cuz only when you remind yourself

of those touched, scarred and cut

and only if those matter to you anymore

will you see, how very beautiful

It is- to breath with a blood

that no longer is stained by Them.